Our Story

Less than a year ago, I gave birth to my baby girl.  To ensure that I got back to my pre-pregnancy body, I started working out right away.  I purchased several waist trainers, but I was frustrated by their designs.  On some, the torso rolled down while working out and with others, the front straps did not support my core properly. I had the plan and technique, but I didn’t have the right tool.  Being a new mom, I can definitely relate to others who have body goals. I thought about the many women (and men) who have had an issue with their current waist trainers and I decided to take action. I spent some time doing research and designed a product that would fit all body types.  I developed the Z Body Contour waist training shapewear.   This new design will alleviate many issues that we have had with other waist trainers.

“ I know that the power of waist training because I experienced first-hand results.” – Stacy H.

"Take delight in  the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart" - Psalm 37:4


The Benefits